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Monday, September 10, 2012

I’m Back! And Reinvented!

Embrace change! It will embrace you! 
I neglected my blogging for a while, but I’m back!
Perhaps it’s the back to school energy, the noticeable changing of seasons, the sudden fire lit under my career or a combination of it all, but I’m itching to write again. 
Just as my running efforts have shifted along with my workout regime, the format of my blog will follow suit. Focus will remain on the endless amounts of things to be grateful for in life and the equally abundant number of lessons readily available for absorption. Being that my profession is in health, wellness and fitness, I will be touching on that as well… likely putting my own helplessly positive spin on things.
Much has changed within these past few weeks, more than I thought I was readily able to handle; but here I sit, handling, thriving. 
Change is a necessary part of growth, life and not-getting-bored-ness. It’s not to be feared, but to be embraced… and who can’t use more embracing in their life? 

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