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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Time to Come Clean... It's Time to Break Free

In keeping with its themes of things I’ve learned, things I’m thankful for and things that have inspired me, I’ve decided to lace in to this blog a slow unfolding of the story behind some of my most valuable life lessons that turned out to be the hardest to experience. I have yet to decide how detailed I’d like to be in my disclosure, but I will let my intuition guide me towards the best choice.
Today will not start with that journey, but, like any other day/experience/moment, there was a lesson to be gratefully learned and inspired by. This process of divulging these secrets I’ve allowed to brew within me is part of a lifelong process of total self-acceptance which, in turn, leads to complete self love and respect.
Some of it may be frightening to expose and, even as I complete this sentence, I am reconsidering this decision, perhaps deleting it from existence, leaving no promises to be reneged. Such a thought, however, in and of itself, continues to perpetuate any remnant of self-loathe or shame that keeps me from looking in the mirror and absolutely adoring what I see. Especially being a personal trainer and holistic health coach with a mission toadvocate self-respect and love, I think it only to be fair to walk my walk, believe my beliefs and practice what I preach. That being said, I shove my fear aside, ignoring its ruthless attempts to claw its way back, and power forward towards the most inwardly and outwardly healthiest, happiest, well-est me!

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